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Love Letters

Hi Chris - nice job on the EarthWell Festival. It was a beautiful weekend all the way around.
 Thanks - Marty Harger
Balance -Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center

Hey Chris-
Congrats on an excellent festival!
Stopped in for a bit on Sunday and thought everything looked great, and there seemed to be a good number of people milling around.
Hope you're finally getting some rest after all that work!
Whitney Thompson



Howdy Chris! What a great , fun and inspiring event. Although I did not get to make around to meet the other vendors I did meet a few.  I wanted to get involved next year if I could.  Plus I wanted to ask you some business questions, I had so much fun.
Shari Leiterman
Wheeler Farm



Hey...  Thanks so much Chris!  I bet you haven't quite rested up yet from the weekend?  Bless you...  I have to say that it was a very, very nice experience for me.  …  Your staff and team of volunteers were great folks to work with!  People kept streaming into the event non-stop on my watch until about 430 pm and then it slowed down.  The attendees I met were so nice and seemed to really enjoy themselves while they were....  Thanks again... you folks did a great job... very professional and first class!  Keep me in the loop and always let me know how and when I can serve?  Take care Chris...  Don Fulton

I had a GREAT time and really enjoyed the energy. It was cool and good to see something new in Park City. -Cassidy

Cassidy DuHadway



Congratulations on the great article in the Trib re your event!  Sounds like you had big success out of the gate.  Sorry ANE couldn't participate due to the overlap with our Food Runs this year.  I spread the word about your generous offer for a booth, and I hope some of our people attended.  Please keep us in mind another year!

Mary E. Phillips
Adopt-A-Native-Elder Program Development




Just wanted to say congratulations on a job well done! Thanks for including us!

Brian Rush, Mountain Family Health


Hi Chris,

Again, I would like to say congratulations on the first annual EarthWell Festival! I had a great time meandering among the many shops and loved having access to a great variety of businesses and people who think creatively all in one area!  My family enjoyed their time at the festival as well. Thanks for inviting and including Uinta Brewing.

I look forward to next year's event. Enjoy a well-deserved rest!

Stacey Hamill
Uinta Brewing Company



The festival was great; there were so many fascinating people and options.  We enjoyed the energy and atmosphere, in addition to teaching our classes.   It was fun to see women working their way through the crowd to attend a class.  The hormone topics were very relevant and compelling, so attendance was good for every class.  All of the chairs were full during the "Sex and the Hormonal Girl" - we even had men in that session.

Thank you for having All for Women Health Care be part of the EarthWell Festival.
You are welcome to contact me when you start thinking about the 2011 classes.

I hope everything went well for you and your vendors, too.

Best Regards,

Charity Cardall
All for Women Health Care


Hey Chris,

 I truly had a fantastic time and am more than grateful for your support staff and , even today supporting my efforts as I could not be there. It inspires me all the more to give back to our community.

Gary A. Zetterberg DC


Stopped by the festival today.  Well done! 


Thank you- I felt the festival was very good. Our location in front of the Ballroom floor, not only served as an attraction getter, but entertainment as well, lol...
I feel we did very well, but we also put ourselves out there to be noticed. I think that made a difference. I appreciate all you and Gena did, please give her my best.
Many Thanks
Dawnetta Abraham
Park City Dental Spa


Hi Chris,
I think it went great.  For a first time event I was impressed.  I felt there were more people there than I thought there might be.  We competed with the State Fair I think and also the Avenues Fair in SLC and still had a good turn out.  We got people from PC, SLC and Provo at my booth. 
Evelyn Terranova  


Thank you so much to all of your crew.  It was well run and very organized with great communications between you all and the shopkeepers. 
I had a very good show and made some wonderful contacts.  My goal was to educate attendees about the wonders of wool and ask them to consider wool as an alternative apparel fiber (rather than petroleum based like nylon and spandex).  We also try to encourage home based businesses which will use our wool products in their process.  I made a few fantastic contacts with a doll maker (on-line seller) and a felt artist.  Even though this wasn’t a fiber festival, I found people to be enthusiastic.   So although my sales weren’t huge, I did meet my goals.
Again, Thanks so much for all you do!
Valerie Spanos
Mountain Meadow Wool



Wow, the EarthWell Festival was AMAZING! We got so much exposure, my phone hasn't stopped ringing!
I think you may have created one of the most important "green" events for the sustainable movement in Utah. We all got to really see each other in action, and so did the public. So many "green' events cater more to those of us in the industry, and the public at large never gets to be a part of it all, and that really limits our business'. We really need more outreach to the community. I believe that in the long run, this is the only way we can make the changes in our world we all want to see.
Honestly, I'm still in a bit of a haze...the bands, the food, the folks...and all solar powered! You have created a game changer.
I want to thank you and your team for all your hard work. YOU GO TEAM EARTHWELL!
I want to let you know how proud Gorilla Design is to have been a part of the first of many EarthWell's. Please keep us in mind for any other green adventures! 

Roi Maufas
Gorilla Design

Hi Gena,

Thanks for everything you did this past weekend-it was a great festival and it was nice to finally meet you.  I hope you are able to relax a little more this week and get some rest.

Laura Helm
Independent Rep for Silpada Designs


WOW! I think the festival was a huge success! We loved it and plan to do it again. I don’t think it was a problem at all to have so many doterra people there.
The weather was great and the people were also interested in everything.
Warmest Regards
 Peggy Smith
Diamond IPC & Founder


Dearest Chris,

I’m so bummed your request came before I had a chance to beat you to it with my feedback. 

You should be SO proud of your accomplishment, my friend.  Even though I didn’t get a chance to really experience a whole lot of the festival, the vibe was amazing.  Everyone that showed up at my booth was all smiles and a joy.  Definitely not like typical wellness fests that I’ve been involved with in the past.  The flow and variety was really great.  I don’t know for sure what the busy weekend will actually mean for me financially, but I had a blast!  Top notch!  I know I at least covered my cost, and generated a ton of interest which I think will translate into clients in the long run.  It seemed that people really weren’t there to explore “services” to purchase, but appreciated the fact that people like Carina and myself were there to offer ours.  I think it really woke some people up and generated some real awareness around what we do.  I am thrilled I got to be a part of it.
I hope you are sleeping deeply right now and letting the big win in.  Huge success in my experience!  I loved being a part of it.  Thank you SO much, my friend, for making it possible for me to participate.  I really appreciate it.  I hope I was able to contribute to the vibe of the fest in a positive manner in return.
Get the hell out of dodge and relax with your woman, now.  Don’t you dare think about Earthwell for at least a week!  Get some pampering and have some fun.  You earned it!
Love to you,


I thought it was great.  I didn't venture far.  I had a great day Sunday, lots of folks to talk to and give out cards to.  Time will tell how it really went, but I feel positive.  
Tyler – Thomas Design


I am running out the door to a meeting with a new client, who wants to build several green projects across the country! A client I met at EARTHWELL!
Also, Human Relief Project will be working with an orphanage in Uganda, supplying solar power and clean drinking water for over 700 kids. All because of you and your team had the courage to take on a little project called EARTHWELL!
Gotta run, let's stay in you do fundraisers?
Roi Maufas
Gorilla Design

I thought the food was awesome and the music was fun.. you and your team did a great job organizing the event and it seemed to flow smoothly so kudos to you all.
Keep us in mind for next year
Jordan  - Harris Dudley


Hi Chris.

You did a GREAT job on this!!!! Very professional and I for one liked the rules and requirements - even if everyone didn't follow them, the message was the right message!  Loved the concept of the event. the energy. the exhibitors. the visitors.
Overall - I just wish I could have left my booth more to explore & enjoy all the great exhibits! Thanks for all your hard work and your happy & pleasant volunteers! ----Marty Harger
Stay well! Today's a great day to book your next treatment at
Balance -Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center


The festival was fantastic and invaluable in helping to spread the word about our work. We had hundreds of people stop by the booth (many came by multiple times to ask additional questions). Our foot traffic was steady throughout, including before and after festival hours with vendor visits.
Thanks again for putting together a great festival Chris.
Take care - Martin
The Center for Global Leadership


Hi Chris,
Yes, it did seem like people had a great time, stayed a long time, and even came both days!
Rita Singh
Feng Shui Results & Design Services


Thanks and great job. I've heard nothing but great things from everyone.

Scotty Soltronic – SolSystems Productions


Asa and I had fun.  Put us on your list for next year.  We received a lot of appreciative comments, and gave out some free limited legal advice.  Next year, we will probably try to have information packets about different legal issues facing people.  It was good to get our names out there as “green”lawyers.
Maria Booth – Booth Law Offices



I was very impressed by what I saw at the festival. I was particularly impressed by the fact that all of the energy needs for the festival we satisfied through solar power. The environmental and wellness aspects of the festival seemed to flow together very well. I think that the location was great and you could not have ordered better weather. My family has a lot of fun there. I think that the photos you sent illustrate the fun environment at the festival and it would be great to see them incorporated in your advertising next year.
We were very pleased with the sponsorship from our end. I think that MediaOne and EarthWell both gained from some positive exposure. We would like to be part of taking the festival to the next level in 2011.
I think that we can help more next year with vendor participation. I would primarily with builder and realtors and there are very few builders of significance that does not try to tout their energy efficiency of the homes that they build. I would love to see a very high-end Park City home builder featured in the festival next year. We should start brainstorming earlier in the process so we can help more on our end.
I appreciate the opportunity to associate with you and be part of the festival. I hope that you get a well deserved break and get a chance to take a deep breath.

Mark Davis
sponsor logo


Hi Chris, I was located in an awesome spot. I got lots of traffic and was able to promote my festival very well I think.
I will let you know after my Watershed Festival if I think it was good.  But  either way we were the only park there and I am sure people appreciated the info about our wonderful state parks.
Thank you for working with us and allowing us to be a part of the festival

We all had a great time. Greta though the festival was fantastic!
Pax – Catalyst Magazine


I thought it was wonderful, but my only suggestion was making the location of food and beverage more centralized or visible from a distance. One gets distracted by all the activity and the classic "FOOD COURT" would have helped!
It was so fun to participate.
Take care and see you soon.

Awesome, thanks so much for a fun weekend!
Shelley – Sustain Utah

Hi Chris,

All in all I was quite pleased.  I thought you and your staff did an outstanding job of putting that together.  ……
Jane Glaser-Gormally, MS,PT
Precision Physical Therapy


I think it went well.  There were not as many people as I expected.  But we got a lot of positive feed back from all of them. 
All in all it was a great experience.
Thanks again for inviting us!


  Hi Chris,

You came on our show This Green Earth to talk about the Festival.  I went to it and thought it was amazing.  I was alone with my toddler over the weekend so I couldn't go to the classes, but they looked so interesting.  Do you think you'll do it again next year?  How did it go from your perspective?  It looked like a ton of work.  Wow.  Thanks for pulling this together, I hope it exceeded your expectations.

- Katie


I know your advertising and PR effort was extensive and all of us worked hard to get a crowd as well through our own newsletters, posting posters, handing out tickets, etc.  I think next year Earthwell will be viewed as a "must attend" event, and as years go by, will be increasingly successful for you and any of us who participate. You ARE changing the world with this. Good on ya!  Have a great weekend and keep us posted about next year's plans. Thanks ===Marty Harger
Balance -Therapeutic Massage and Wellness Center


Hi Chris,

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you with the festival.  It was a very nicely run operation, and well thought out.  As you said before… “it has legs”.  I believe EarthWell could be one of Park City’s must attend events for years to come.   
Casey Metzger
Top Shelf Catering